How Long to Use Gripe Water

Your bottle of gripe water says how long you can use it after opening but nothing about how long you can continue to give your baby gripe water. If your baby is suffering from reflux the gripe water might be a great help so how can you even consider quitting?
The good thing is that you can continue with gripe water as long as you’d like. Gripe water is perfectly OK for babies as well as grownups.

Use Natural Gripe Water
To make sure that it will be safe to use gripe water for an extended period of time you need to get an all-natural type free of alcohol. Natural gripe water is made up of ingredients that you could pick up at the store and make your own remedy with. Buying the natural gripe water ready makes it easier for you to focus on everything else that is being neglected when a little tummy is protesting.

When You Quit the Gripe Water
Don’t get into panic if your baby is still a bit fussy when you quit with the gripe water. There are plenty of things that you can do to treat a gassy tummy and ease problems with reflux. Make sure that your baby is wearing loosely fitted clothing that won’t put pressure to the tummy. You should also follow your usual routine for feeding and avoid laying your baby down right after feeding.

Carrying your baby is very good and something you can continue with after you stop with gripe water for the baby tummy to handle digestion better. Gripe water is not like a drug so you don’t have to ease your baby off the remedy. Quit when the bottle is out or get a new one. You decide when the gripe water treatments can come to an end!