How to Calm Colic – Natural Methods, Easy and Safe

After the initial scream as your baby comes out to see the light you really don’t want to hear that high pitched sound more than for feeding, comfort, and other natural needs that the baby communicates to you by screaming. When you start to feel that the only time your baby is calm is when you are feeding him it can get very difficult to be a Mom and a human being.

Parents who suffer from babies that cry from gas know just how testing this period is. The only thing they want to know is how to calm colic, and how to calm colic fast!

Take a deep breath and remind yourself that your baby is growing which means that you are getting closer and closer to the time when the sleepless night and the colic attacks are over. However, this doesn’t mean that you have to put up with them without treating your child. A baby with colic is in pain and when you learn how to calm colic you also give your child release and comfort for him to focus on the joys of life like cuddling with you!

How to Calm Colic with Natural Methods
There is no reason for you to get chemicals to calm colic in your baby. There are plenty of safe natural methods that can ease your baby’s discomfort and give you some peace of mind. Start by looking into Gripe Water. Gripe Water is a natural medicine that you drop into your baby’s mouth between feedings or as prescribed by the specific mixture that you get. It is easy to administer and if the Gripe Water is of high quality you will see effects and enjoy a calm and happy baby.

Learn to massage your baby to ease problems with gas. There are easy methods to learn that can calm colic beautifully. It is really a good idea to combine a Gripe Water treatment with regular massage. Baby massage is also a lovely way for you to bond with your baby without the backdrop of screams.

Carry Your Baby
If you can carry your baby in a sling or baby carrier this is helpful against gas problems. This is especially smart to do after a feeding. Your baby’s digestive system is aided by the upright position and as soon as he is sound asleep you can put him down for a gas-free rest. Many Mommies experience that the baby burps better in a sling or baby carrier and this is part of a natural way to handle colic and gas problems in babies.

If you find it hard to carry a lot you can try to let other people in on this part of the plan. Fathers can do a great job by taking over after the feeding with some sling activity!

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