How to Choose the Right Gripe Water

You know that you want to try gripe water for your fussy baby but now you need to know how to choose the right gripe water. If you have the time and energy to make it yourself you can easily make great gripe water at home. Homemade gripe water is safe if you make it in clean utensils and use good ingredients. Read on for more advice on how to choose the right gripe water…

Buy in a Store
If you go to a local store or pharmacy to get your gripe water you can’t do much research on spot. For this reason you should make a call first and check what brand they carry. Before you go to pick your bottle of gripe water up you check it out online and read reviews. This should make the buy easier and better informed.

Buy Online
If you are anyways online checking for the right gripe water you might as well buy it online! The greatest variety of gripe water is found online and that makes it easier for you to be picky with your choice. Find the kind you like and order it. This will save you time to hand your baby over to another caretaker and go for a walk and completely forget about fussy baby tummies and gripe water!

Natural Gripe Water
Make sure to get natural gripe water without alcohol. Today it is hard to find gripe water with preservatives, coloring and other harmful substances, go for a brand which is all natural and you’ll be on the safe side. You should also check what type of bottle the gripe water comes in. It is good to get gripe water with a syringe as part of the bottle. This way you can apply it when you breastfeed or with a bottle.

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