How to Cook Red Mullet

Red Mullet is a delicacy, but while this fish is a true decilacy it is amazingly easy to learn how to cook red mullet. You will be ready in less than half an hour and then you can serve something that looks as if it came from an exclusive sea food restaurant!

Here is how to cook Red Mullet:

Get the fish fresh from a good fish store. Make sure that you get fresh Red Mullet and not something from the freezer. This fish is not always available so get it only when it is truly straight from the fishing boat.

Add salt and lemon to the fish in a bowl and let it stand like this for 5-10 minutes. Wash off the salt and lemon and then pat the fish dry with paper.

Put flour and fish seasoning on a plate. Dip the fish in this mix and put them in a frying pan with hot oil. Let the fish fry under a lid for 5-10 minutes. Check them half way and spread the oil over the fish.

This fish cooks fast so make sure not to fry it on a high temperature all the way through. You can start with a high flame and then lower it to medium.

Make rice and a salad and serve the fish as it is, straight from the frying pan. Now that you know how easy it is to cook Red Mullet you can surprise the family with a lovely lunch or dinner.

Watch this video to see how the process described looks in real life:

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