How to Give Gripe Water to a Newborn Baby

First of all, if you just had a baby you don’t want to start giving it gripe water without consulting your pediatrician. It is usually recommended to start using gripe water when the baby is 4 weeks old before that it could be premature and maybe even risky to try it. You might also not be completely aware of just why your baby is crying. A fussy tummy is easy to blame but there are also other issues like reflux that need more attention than just gripe water.

Getting the Gripe Water into the Mouth
If your baby doesn’t like to have gripe water squirted into the mouth you need to find smart ways to give it. A breastfeeding Mom can try to insert the syringe of the gripe water bottle when the baby lets go a bit of the breast. It says on the bottle that you need to give the gripe water before the feeding but don’t get hung up on this. Make sure to get the gripe water into the mouth and swallowed before you start making a schedule for when to give it.

With a Pacifier
If your baby is using a pacifier you could add the gripe water as he takes the pacifier. Alternatively you could use your own finger to stimulate some sucking to get that gripe water down properly.

With a Bottle
To give gripe water with bottle works pretty much like when breastfeeding only you have an easier angle to see what you are doing. Just don’t try to mix the gripe water into the formula as it won’t have the effects that you are looking for.
Don’t expect immediate effects of the gripe water and stay calm. With patience you can calm your baby’s fussy tummy and soon enough the cries from gas will be a memory to laugh about!

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