How to Help Kids Survive a Hotel Stay

Some hotels are great for kids while others will make you wish you’d just stayed home with them! There are several factors that can make your hotel stay with kids become pleasant and fun so make sure to look for the right features when you book hotel for your vacation. It is possible to make a long list of how to help kids survive a hotel stay and a lot depends on how you plan the time you spend in the hotel but before you book room look for the following features for a better stay:

1. Comfortable Rooms
Not all hotels have large rooms and if you don’t say anything about it when you book room you might end up in a tiny space. In places like New York it is very common with boutique style hotels and in these the rooms are always smaller. To fix this problem you can ask for a suite. If your economy does not allow for suites even if you share with a friend you should look for hotels with rooms that are a bit larger.

2. Flexible and Service Minded Staff
Great service is a must when you bring the kids along for a hotel stay. The hotel staff needs to be used to kids and understand where you are coming from with your requests. You shouldn’t have to waste time and energy on asking for a crib when you already requested one when you booked room. It is also nice to feel welcome even if the kids are laughing loudly in the lobby. For this reason it is better to choose a hotel suitable for kids and not one full of business people craving silence at all times.

3. Entertainment
Check for features like pool, movies and space to just run safely. Hotels with spaces that are safe to play in are the best for little kids and families. If there is a pool you should check that there is a place where small kids will also be able to get in and swim safely.

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