How to make a puppet show for toddlers

A great way to entertain toddlers is to put up a puppet show for them. You don’t need to hire a professional clown or buy expensive hand puppets. By using your kid’s favorite toys you can put together the best puppet show ever!

Decide which story you want to tell. The best is to pick one of the stories you usually tell at bed time or whenever story time comes up. You can also tell a real story from your toddler’s life like when he got a bike for a birthday present or when a friend came over to play.

To set up a puppet theatre you need two chairs and a blanket. Hang the blanket between the chairs so that you can sit on one side without your toddler seeing you from the other side. If you need the blanket to get up higher you could use a table or ironing board to hang the blanket or sheet on.

Pick together some of your toddler’s favorite toys like bears, cars, dolls and so on. Let these toys demonstrate the story that you are telling. You can also let one of the toys tell the story. Toddlers like this very much. Seat your toddler and siblings and friends on the other side of the blanket and let the puppet show begin!

Soon enough you will find the audience coming around to your side to help out with the story line and acting of the puppet show and this can be a lot of fun. Don’t make silly rules but enjoy the puppet show just as it is.

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