How to make the Kids Stop Screaming

Are your kids screaming a lot? It can get extremely annoying when a child decides to “speak” very loud during the morning and evening hours. Your ears are about to drop and the neighbors whisper to themselves things that you are only too lucky to hear. So what should you do? When your kids are in a screaming game you want them to stop ASAP. There are various methods for this but keep the following in mind:

1. Don’t scream
If you want to see fast results you can certainly raise your voice. This technique might work one or two times till the kids are used to hearing you shout. The best is to avoid screaming even if that’s what you feel like doing.

2. Remove a kid or a toy
Get their attention by removing one of the screamers or the toy that they are focusing on. Place the toy where they can’t reach it. The kid you are better off placing in a reachable place like a different room or on a specific chair.

3. Be patient!
When you stop screaming and acting like above you won’t see immediate results. It takes time for the screamers to get that the picture has changed. They will not like it when you remove toys and this is going to be followed by additional crying. With time you will see that they get the message. Just stay patient and consistent.

Remember that you are your kid’s role model. If you stay calm and put together they will be affected by this behavior. For moments when you really need to snap you should do your best to do so out of their site like in the bathroom. Good luck in making your little shouters lower the volume and listen to what you have to say!

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