How to Night-Time Potty Train Toddlers – Make the Nights Easier for you!

As you put your mind on how to night-time potty train toddlers you will most certainly come up with some kind of strategy. Your child is without a diaper and you have to keep that bed dry somehow. Many mommies simply build their upper arms and backs by pulling their toddler to the bathroom around mid-night to ensure that no accidents will occur. This method can be effective but if you are looking for how to night-time potty train toddlers without straining your back and arms you should definitely use potty training sheets.

Potty Training Sheets
Potty training sheets are sheets that you place under the regular sheets to protect the mattress from the mishaps. Your toddler will wet the bed but only the actual sheet and the potty training sheet. The training sheet can be extremely simple, made out of plain plastic. This is a cost effective solution but the most comfortable potty training sheets are made to feel and look more like real sheets. They also make less noise than a plastic sheet which is also important if you want a quiet and calm bed!

A Great Trick for How to Night-Time Potty Train Toddlers
If you want to save yourself a lot of work in the middle of the night you should dress your bed in one regular sheet then the potty training sheet and then another regular sheet. When your toddler has a mishap you simply pull off the wet sheets, dress your sleepy child and then put him back to bed. Chances that he will wet the bed again are slim so this saves you a lot of work with changing both his clothes and the sheets of the bed! This way you can also limit how many potty training sheets you need to buy to get through the night-time potty training period!

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