Is co-sleeping dangerous

It is true that there have been horrible accidents when co-sleeping has led to the unspeakable. Does this mean that co-sleeping is dangerous? The answer to this question is yes and no. It all depends on who you are and how you will co-sleep.

Co-sleeping is dangerous if…
Your bed isn’t secured (read more in our article How to co-sleep safely to fix this problem)

If you place your baby in a dangerous position like too close to the edge of the bed or with too many pillows and blankets covering his face and movements.

You are taking strong medicine which makes you act less focused and clear.

If you are taking drugs or have a problem with alcohol.

Co-sleeping is not dangerous if…
You are healthy and not taking any kind of drugs, including medicine.

You have secured your bed so that your baby can’t fall out of it.

You are breastfeeding and wake up when baby wakes up.

You make sure that there are not too many pillows and blankets surrounding your baby.

Take these points into account when you try to decide if co-sleeping is dangerous. Remember that co-sleeping is a very individual thing. Some moms can’t stand it and it would be stupid for them to co-sleep against their senses. What is right for you will be wrong for the mother next door. Co-sleep if this is what you desire but make sure to co-sleep safely and take all of the dangers into account before you start!

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