Is Gripe Water Safe?

Gripe water is not a new invention and you will find that most cultures are familiar with the effects of chamomile, dill and other possible ingredients in gripe water. To answer the question “is gripe water safe?” you need to consider a few different things. It is not only the ingredients of the remedy against your baby’s gas that need to be OK. Things like age and how you will give the gripe water also matter.

Age of Baby and Gripe Water
It is usually recommended to wait till week 4 with giving gripe water to a baby. Before this it could be dangerous for some babies to use certain types of gripe water and that is why most manufacturers refrain from responsibility before the baby is 1 month old. Mothers have and do use gripe water at earlier ages but it is best to discuss this with your pediatrician before you go ahead and apply the drops.

Gripe Water with Alcohol
Gripe water with alcohol is safe but many think that it involves a risk and therefore stick to natural brands of gripe water. If you find yourself with a bottle which states alcohol you can apply it to boiled water that is still hot. This should take care of the alcohol and let you use the gripe water you already got.

Is Homemade Gripe Water Safe?
If you make your own gripe water you must make sure to work only with sterile utensils. If everything is clean the gripe water should be OK to use. This is also a way to ensure that the medicine is completely natural since you supervise everything that goes into the potion. The easiest way to get safe gripe water is to order it online from a reliable manufacturer of natural gripe water.

Buying gripe water online should give you a good price and the best product for your baby’s tummy problems. Just make sure to read the instructions for your gripe water before you start using it. It is never a good idea to get too creative with these things when you can rely on the advice of the professionals.

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