Is Homemade Gripe Water Safe?

If you are wondering if homemade gripe water is safe the first thing that must be confirmed is who made the solution. If the homemade gripe water comes from your kitchen you know exactly what went into the bottle but if you got it as a gift from a friend it is not as easy to tell if it is safe to use this gripe water. When you make it yourself you can make sure that it is safe but the question is if you really want to risk the health of your baby just to stay polite to a friend.

How to Make the Homemade Gripe Water Safe
To produce safe gripe water at home you need to start by cleaning the area where you will make the concoction thoroughly. If you use detergent you should also be careful that the soap or cleaning material is removed before you start brewing your gripe water. You might think that it is silly to sterilize your kitchen counter when the remedy is cooked up in a cup but it really isn’t. You will certainly place utensils like spoons right on the counter and if it has traces of soap or bacteria it could be very dangerous for your baby.

Next thing is to sterilize your utensils. Wash them in boiled water before you start producing your homemade gripe water. Make sure to dry them off with paper towels or a new kitchen towel. Follow these instructions for cleanliness and you will get safe gripe water.

The Ingredients
For safe gripe water, you should also be careful to work only with trusted ingredients that aren’t dated. Buy from a reliable store and never use a product which has been opened by anyone but you yourself!
Homemade Gripe Water from a Friend

It is lovely to have friends who know how to make gripe water and who care about you and your baby’s fussy tummy enough to make you a bottle. If you know the ins and outs of your friend’s kitchen and cooking the gripe water could be safe. If you have any doubts you can say “thank you” politely and simply refrain from using it. It might be uncomfortable to say no but it will be even more uncomfortable to deal with sickness in a baby due to gripe water which wasn’t OK.

Yes, homemade gripe water is safe when it is made in a clean environment with the best ingredients. If you have the patience and time for this, go ahead! If not, the easiest thing is to get natural gripe water online and just tell your friend that you’ve already got the homemade stuff from the factory. This way you avoid the mess and risks with homemade gripe water.

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