Is Perfume a good gift for a 6 Year Old Girl?

You will find the suggestion of perfume as a gift for 6 year old girls on this site and in many other forums, but is this really a good gift for a little girl.

Well, Expertmom does believe so and here is why…

Even little boys enjoy to get a whiff of a perfume when they see their parents using it. 6 year old girls are no different and they are highly aware of the good feeling a perfume brings. A girl that sees her Mom and Dad end their dress up ritual with a nice perfume would love to have her own. This is why perfume is one of the best gifts for 6 year old girls.

However, one should not buy any type of a perfume for a little girl. It is simply a waste of money. There are awesome perfumes for kids that have a soft and sweet scent, much like the soap and shampoo they would use. The bottles are also created with the taste of a child in mind. A Winnie the Pooh perfume can come with a fresh scent of melon and it won’t be very strong so that the girl will not smell as if she took a bath in the perfume.

To answer the question – Yes, perfume is a good gift for a 6 year old girl but it should be a kiddie perfume for a reasonable price and with a good smell. You can get one for her brother while you are at it!

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