Is Too Much Gripe Water Dangerous?

When a baby is in pain from gas, gripe water can be one of the methods to treat the discomfort by helping the digestive process work better. An important question that many ask is, “is too much gripe water dangerous for my child?”

As you try to administer the drops a lot falls out of the mouth and you desperately try to get more in there. It is only natural that you fear that you might have given your baby an OD!

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If you feel that the gripe water is not working and you fear that you might be giving too much, you can also try to administer some serious baby massage to get the wind out of that baby.

What is Too Much Gripe Water?

First of all, you should check how many times a day you can give the gripe water and how many drops. If you have pretty much followed these instructions there is nothing much to worry about. This is especially true if you got natural and mild gripe water without alcohol.

Don’t forget that there are many other things that you can do to make your baby feel better and treatment with gripe water should be coupled with other methods.

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Is Too Much Gripe Water Dangerous?

If you realize that you have given your baby twice or three times as much as the prescribed daily dose of gripe water you still don’t have to get upset. Gripe water for babies is very mild and even if you give your child more than the recommended you won’t hurt him. You can always call the company that produced the drops and ask if there are any side effects that you should worry about after giving an overdose of gripe water.

Even small doses of gripe water can give the baby the opposite results with more gas and pain, so if this happens it is more likely because of the type of gripe water you got than how much you gave.

Is the Gripe Water Working?

You need to give the treatment with gripe water some time to be effective. Don’t try to reach the results faster by giving more than the recommended. This will not help. Follow the instructions on the bottle. Make sure that you massage, carry and apply the other helpful strategies for relieving gas in a baby tummy.

You might want to try something with probiotics for baby like Gerber Soothe Colic Drops that are said to work really well and fast. Just make sure to stick to a known brand that has been tested and approved. Remember that natural is not always the same as safe!

Remember that your feeding habits might be far more important when it comes to preventing colic in the baby. There are studies that show that using gripe water incorrectly and neglecting how the actual feeding influences the baby’s tummy might have the opposite effect of the desired.

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