Mommy’s Helper Contoured Cushie Step Up Review

Mommy’s helper Step Up is a potty training tool that can make things easier both for Mom and baby. This product is basically a ladder with a seat to make it safe and easy for your child to sit on the toilet instead of a potty. Read this review of Mommy’s Helper Contoured Cushie Step Up to learn more about how this potty training tool could fit into your bathroom.

This is a comfortable toilet seat with a cushioned ring for your child to sit on. It is also easy to climb on and the ladder also gives the child a perfect place for the feet which gives balance and security when sitting on the toilet. With the Mommy’s Helper toilet trainer you could completely forgo the use of a potty which means less mess to deal with.

You don’t need any special tools to assemble Mommy’s Helper toilet trainer and it shouldn’t take much skill and previous experience to get it all together. Just be careful not to apply too much force, especially if you haven’t followed the instruction but rather put things together as you think they fit. The best way to assemble this toilet trainer is to take a few moments and look the instructions over. They are easy to follow!

Mommy’s Helper toilet trainer is light weight but it doesn’t fold together. This means that you need some space for it in your bathroom. It should fit in by your toilet where you will most likely put it for your child to reach. This model is known to be so easy to put on the toilet that even the kids can do it themselves. For this reason you should avoid hanging it on the wall even if this might be your esthetic choice.

Where to get Mommy’s Helper toilet trainer
A Mommy’s Helper toilet trainer can be found in baby product stores and online. Since this is a light weight product you can cut a lot of the costs by buying it online. This will also save you the trip to the store. Expertmom advices you to get this toilet trainer by a recognized online merchant like Amazon where the prices are always competitive and you know that your buy is safe and secure.

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