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A money saving Mom needs to keep an eye on many different areas, and one of these is the entertainment for the kids often referred to as toys. Toys cost a lot of money and no matter how many you get they never seem to be enough. The kids love new toys but the question is how you handle this need. If you will not work out a strategy for how to preserve the toys they will become a bigger cost than if you learn how to make them last longer. A money saving Mom can also save a lot of money on learning how to buy toys correctly.

Buying new Toys

A money saving Mom can certainly buy new toys and still keep a healthy budget. If you make sure to buy toys of good quality it can be worth to spend a bit more on them. Finding the balance can take some time but you will soon learn what can be bought in a thrift store with the same effect as something bought in the glossy toy store. If you know that the toy will be broken into pieces no matter how many quality stamps it has it might be better to just skip it or at least to buy it for a few cents in the thrift store.

Another good idea for buying new toys with a smaller budget is to plan ahead. If you are getting building blocks for the 3 year old then consider the type of blocks you get. It will be nice for relatives and friends to be able to build on the same theme and you can also save money by getting new additions for the same building block set when the next occasion for gifts arrive. Toys like Lego, Clics and wooden building blocks are the best friend of the money saving Mom for the simple reason that they can be enjoyed for a very long time and by several siblings.

Making Toys last

To save money on toys, a money saving Mom can work out ways to make the current gadgets keep their attraction and shape longer. The first thing is to create order in your child’s toy box. This is something that the children need to take part of. Every item should have its place and when the games have come to an end it needs to go back to it. If the kids are used to leaving the toys all over the house it is possible to explain to them that the toys will go out in the garbage if they are not back in their place by bedtime. To show them that you mean business, you can put these toys in a separate bag and hide it till they get the point.

Mom! We need new toys!

Putting toys away is in general a good method for keeping the toys interested. Make sure that some of the toys are out of sight. By circulating the toys, the kids will feel as if they meet an old friend anew when the special building block set comes out again. By keeping a strict order of the toys this will be easier to do since you will always know where everything should be and by having special baskets you can easily grab one container and switch it with another. It can be a good idea to get some sort of plastic drawer system where you will keep a clear view of what is out for play at the moment. This is a smart tactic for a money saving Mom so make sure to arrange a system that will work for you so that you won’t have to get new toys as often.

Getting rid of old Toys

When certain toys have lost their magic a money saving Mom can do smarter things than simply throw them out to buy new things. If a toy is in good condition it can be sold in a garage sale or online. If you are used to making garage sales or have a place to sell stuff that you can’t use this is something you can do every few months and include your own stuff. Let the kids take part of this work and make sure that they are ready to part with the toy. It might be a good idea to give them some of the money for the old toy and let them save for new things. A money saving Mom should certainly let her kids in on the economic thinking and they will benefit from understanding more about the toys and their value.

Don’t forget that it is an honorable thing to give away old toys for charity. It is only proper to consider other things than immediate money and try to do something good in this world. If you have a bunch of toys in great condition you might want to donate them to the local hospital. A money saving Mom that brings her kids along on such a venture teaches them a great deal more about toys and their value which will stand them well for life!

Creative Ideas for the Money Saving Mom

A money saving Mom can see how ordinary things can become toys. Why let the child ruin a new drawing book that cost a lot of money? If all they want to do is cut, paste and punch holes, a regular carton will do just as well, and this doesn’t have to cost a thing. Pots and pans are also known for their amazing abilities to entertain kids of various ages. Let them play that they are cooking, playing the drums or whatever they see in your kitchen utensils. These games does demand a bit of patience from our money saving Mom but they also bring a certain charm to every day life.

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