Moving from co-sleeping to separate beds

If you have been co-sleeping but you feel that it is time to move to separate beds there are many ways to do this. You will always have to be sensitive to the needs and feelings of your baby. If the baby is not ready to sleep alone it would be a big change to put him straight from co-sleeping to his own room.

It is easier to move from co-sleeping to separate beds once the baby knows to speak. A toddler can understand the idea of having his own space and you can make the change into something fun and exciting.

Start by putting the baby in his own bed right next to your bed. If you had him sleeping in a baby bed that was attached to yours you might want to put the side on again and just place the bed close to yours. If you had a new baby that needs to come into your bed you should try to fit the toddler’s bed close to your bed as well to avoid feelings of resentment and rejection.

It is a very bad idea to move the toddler out of your bed and room due to the arrival of a new co-sleeper. Try to keep everyone together. This will create harmony and peace which is good for the continued relationship between the new siblings.

Once your baby has accepted sleeping in his own bed it is much easier to transfer him to his own room. Don’t panic if you will revert to co-sleeping stage at times. This is natural and part of the baby learning to feel safe sleeping alone. Let the toddler come and sleep in your bed when he wants to but make little rules for it so that you will still be able to sleep comfortably in your own bed!

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