My First Meeting with the Baby Bjorn Original Carrier

Susanna from Sweden tells us about her experience of the Babybjorn carrier.

Babybjörn is like milk and butter
In Sweden people have been using the original Babybjorn carrier since the early 70’ies. It is so well known that a review of the Babybjorn Original seems silly when you sat in one yourself as a child.

Actually I didn’t sit in a Babybjorn from early childhood. My first meeting with it came 15 years later when my father had remarried a woman who liked to be practical about things. A Babybjorn is certainly practical, especially when you make other people carry your babies in it. To be fair, the new witch in our household did most of the carrying herself but she also enjoyed sending me out with the babies snuck into the Babybjorn Original.

“Just put them in the Babybjörn! It is easy and you won’t notice that she is there when you shovel the snow off the drive way…”

Ehm, yeah right, I was definitely a strong 15 year old but let me tell you this much, the Babybjorn Original was not like a smooth caress on my back and the baby did way a few kilos. Now, this is the review of the Babybjorn Original carrier by a 15 year old. What happened 15 years later?

As my first baby came around I couldn’t see how I would make it without a Babybjorn carrier but the review of the Babybjorn Original stuck in my mind and I went for the Babybjorn Active. Perhaps it is easier when you carry your own babies but I didn’t feel that it was so heavy and annoying like I did 15 years earlier. Now it was fun and indeed practical.

You might wonder if the little girl I dragged around on my tummy as a 15 year old ever returned the favor and the answer is no! Conveniently she lives far away from us so I can’t give her a review of the Babybjorn Active carrier to convince her of how weightless my babies are. I am pretty sure she will use one as well one day, like most Swedes. Babybjorn carriers are simply too cool and practical to be ignored no matter if they are forced on you as a teenager or not!

All the best from Susanna Lidholm, Stockholm, Sweden

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