Natural Remedies for Pin Worms – Woodworm

If the pin worms keep coming back to give you and your children sleepless nights it is understandable that you don’t want to continue with the treatments that your doctor prescribes for you. After all, what is the point to give your kids lots of chemicals every other week if the pin worms just keep coming back? It is time for natural remedies for pin worms!

Cleanliness First

Keep in mind that no remedy against pin worms will be effective if you don’t take care of the hygiene and cleanliness in your home. Pin worms are a bother and they are experts at spreading their eggs to the most impossible places. Once your child touches his itchy bottoms his hand is infested with little invisible eggs. These eggs can survive for weeks in waiting for a new host. To get around this you must clean your child’s hand all of the time and make sure that his nails are trimmed. You should also clean his bottoms in the morning and in the evening to wash away the eggs.

Woodworm a Natural Remedy Against Pin Worms

Next thing is to start treating your child with a natural medicine. You should look for drops with woodworm which is an excellent solution for treating pin worms. The drops usually include other effective ingredients like oregano but it is the woodworm that will wipe the little white worms and their eggs away.


Different anti-pin worm drops have different prescriptions for usage but it is common to have to give the drops for several weeks. You put them into tea or water to dilute the strong taste. If the drops have alcohol it can also be good to mix them into warm tea for small children.

Avoid sugar!

Pin worms thrive on sugar so when you want to get rid of pin worms with a natural remedy like wormwood drops you should not mix it with sweet drinks. That would defeat the purpose somewhat even if the woodworm will work also when mixed into juice. Woodworm is a great natural remedy against pin worms and you will be happy to see the results and know that your kid didn’t have to go through another chemical medication!

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