Natural Remedies or Doctor’s Prescription against Pinworms…

Most with children have come across the white little worms that can make nights sleepless and days itchy. There is no doubt that traditional medicines that the pediatrician will prescribe take the pinworms out at once, but it is well known that these are not recommended to use too frequently. So what should one do? Stick to natural remedies or go for the meds to stay sane? Here are some thoughts from an experienced Mom on both options.

The Natural Remedies

Natural medicine is not less potent just because it is called natural. Many regular meds are basically just chemical copies of the natural substances so one cannot claim that natural medicine is harmless. Before you start treating the pinworms with a natural remedy, you must carefully check what it includes and how this could affect your child. Natural remedies can be very effective but count on having to use them for a few weeks to see results. If you want things to move along faster you can always add your own tricks of garlic cloves and Vaseline to make the worms leave your child’s bottoms and intestines.

The Drugs

Anti-worm medicines are highly effective. After one shot of 5 cc the child is already sleeping all through the night. For many this is exactly what is needed and since the medicine is not considered dangerous it looks like the better alternative. If the worms are only around for a short period this might very well be your best options but it is important to realize that it takes more than medication to get rid of the white little thingies for good.

Food and Friends

If you treat your child but the rest of the kids in playgroup continue to scratch away, your child will be in touch with the eggs of the worms and thereby contract them again. The medicine might work for 2-3 weeks but then you are back to square 1. To many any treatment against pinworms effective, medical or natural, one must couple it with less intake of sugar, proper cleaning of the house, trimming nails short and making sure that hands are washed and clothes changed right after playgroup or school. This takes a lot of work but it will be effective.

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