Moving from co-sleeping to separate beds

If you have been co-sleeping but you feel that it is time to move to separate beds there are many ways to do this. You will always have to be sensitive to the needs and feelings of your baby. If the baby is not ready to sleep alone it would be a big change to … Read more

Co-sleeping with a new baby

It can feel a bit scary to start to co-sleep with a newborn baby. It is so fragile and you are afraid to roll over it or accidently push it with your arm. To co-sleep safely with a newborn you can adjust your bed and bedroom. Start by looking at how your bed can fit … Read more

Is co-sleeping dangerous

It is true that there have been horrible accidents when co-sleeping has led to the unspeakable. Does this mean that co-sleeping is dangerous? The answer to this question is yes and no. It all depends on who you are and how you will co-sleep. Co-sleeping is dangerous if… Your bed isn’t secured (read more in … Read more

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