Parenting for a Tired Mom

Ahhh, finally some quiet. You’ve just finished the race of the evening and too tired to even feel guilty about not having read a good night story you slump down by the computer with a cup of tea and a cookie… make that two cookies! As the night becomes quiet and you feel your tired limbs scream for a shower and bed you reach for the mouse to click on to some parenting sites. This is the only time you have to see what you did wrong today…

Guilt or Motivation to Change

Parenting is not easy and too many expert sites online make us feel worse than what we did before. Children and motherhood was supposed to be a thrill and suddenly you can’t remember what it was you dreamed about a few years ago. If this sounds gloomy it is actually the reality for many parents. Everyone has moments of doubts and wishes foreasy and fast solutions. Let’s leave the sad thoughts and move on to some positive insights about your parenting, yes YOUR parenting!

If you are Reading This

If you are reading this despite your obvious need to head off to La La Land it means you are a pretty fine parent. No one tries to find some valuable advice on how to be a good parent unless they have an honest wish to do what is best for their kids. Pat yourself on the back, you are a caring parent who chooses to do some research to find the motivation and understanding for why things look the way they do in your family dynamics.

Kids are also People

Before you start looking for the solutions to why the 3 year old is always screaming you must remember that kids are people too. Each child has its own personality and mindset and this will influence how they deal with everyday life. You can’t expect your children to behave as if they were samples from a text book. They are real people and they need the space just as much as you. Consider this and don’t get so worked up the next time your living room is unfit for anyone’s ears to stay intact. Don’t join the screaming game.

The Rants and Chants are Normal

You didn’t go to bed yet? So here is one more thing for you to feel better as you get some sleep before the next call from the kid’s room. Your kids are normal also when they are obnoxious! This doesn’t mean that you need to let them behave any way they want. Good parenting is about showing them the way to a happy and healthy adult life. You just need to keep this in mind so that you won’t be angry when you correct them. If you correct and instruct them without frustration in your voice, the impact will be amazing. Just try it!

One last thing, don’t look at the neighbors. You have no idea what their family dynamics are really like or how the Mom over there is holding up behind the closed curtains. There is no reason for you to compare and create mind trolls from the stories of your imagination!

Sleep tight and have a silent night!

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