Personalized Gifts for Mom – Photos as Personalized Gifts

When you are looking for personalized gifts for Mom online you will most likely come across ideas that have to do with the memories you have in your photo albums. Everything from scrapbooks to family photo trees can be great personal gifts for Mom and there is really not much that beats a special picture that you all cherish.

Today there are so many cool things to do with pictures and photos and you don’t have to stick to something small like a digital photo frame for the kitchen or Mom’s face on the cookie jar. These are cool gifts but when you consider making your Mom a canvas of her favorite picture from the family album they seem a bit distant from the coolest gifts game!

Making a Picture into a Canvas

If this is new to you, you should have a look at some of the most popular photo sites that can make your photo into a canvas to hang on the wall. Depending on the quality of your picture you might be able to blow it up to a full-scale painting. Get a really pretty frame for it and you have a personalized gift for Mom that will get center stage in her house. The canvas will look like a painting but the picture is not distorted in any way. It simply adds texture and weight to your photo in a unique way.

Choosing a Picture for the Photo Art

It can be hard to choose a suitable picture for this type of photo art. You have a few on your mind, but the question is if they will do well on canvas. This is something you should be able to discuss with the company that will produce the canvas art for you. You shouldn’t have to be an expert on photo editing to arranging for this present. The staff at the photo company knows just how to ask you the right questions to get to the perfect picture.

It is quite common that photos taken with modern digital cameras work better than the old ones that you have from the 1970’ire but nothing is impossible and the photo business might be able to refresh your old picture and make it into a marvelous canvas for you to give away to Mom.

Picking a Detail from a Photo

Something that many miss out on when they are choosing pictures for canvas art as personalized gifts are that it doesn’t necessarily have to be one picture that makes it as a whole onto the canvas. If a picture has a special focus on the smile of a baby or another detail which is striking, the photo company can work with the picture I graphic programs to create a unique effect that will only include the most striking part of the picture.

If you have an idea for a picture that you really like you can discuss this with the photo on canvas provider and see if they think that they can create a unique effect for you. With the modern graphic technique, everything is truly possible so make sure to get an opinion from someone that is artistically inclined.

Getting the Photo to the Photo on Canvas Provider

To get the picture that you like to the photo company you might have to scan it or simply attach your digital file to a mail. Be careful to follow the instructions of the photo site and to mark your file correctly so that you won’t risk any mix ups. Today everything works to efficiently through the Internet but it is perfectly fine to give the photo shop a call to see if they got your mail and if they understood your order correctly.

It is important that you send the photo shop a high resolution of your photo to make sure that it will look good on a bigger canvas. You can always ask for advice on how to scan it properly or simply send the picture by regular mail to the photo on canvas provider. Give this project ample time and enjoy choosing a picture and discussing the canvas size with the photo shop.

If you order a photo on canvas as a present for Mom you will give her the coolest of personal gifts so make sure to think all steps of the process through before you hit the order button and start looking into the mailbox for your special art project!

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