Personalized Gifts for Mom – Picking Photos for Personal Gifts

Personalized gifts are a challenge but also a lot of fun. There is really nothing like a gift which is custom made for Mom. You know her the best and if you think that she will enjoy a special photograph for a painting you will not have troubles getting her a unique present. Canvas art is something which has become increasingly popular since it combines two important types of art and media.


On one hand you have your photos and on the other you enjoy pretty paintings on the wall. By combining these two you get what is called photos on canvas and this is something that you can do a lot with. By adding a special frame and picking the right size you get art for your Mom but it is also a very personal gifts. Among all personalized gifts, photos on canvas are probably the coolest and easiest to match with different personalities.

Picking the right Photo for Canvas Art

If the personalized gifts with photos are going to keep a high quality, you need to pick photos with high quality. As you look at a favorite picture on regular photo paper you might say to yourself that it is an excellent image but this is not what is meant by high quality for photo on canvas. Since your printed picture is much smaller than the art you want to create you will stand a better chance for a great result with the original digital file.

I love you Mom!

I love you Mom!

The reason that canvas art of photographs has become so common lately is that regular camera users have cameras that produce pictures fit for magazines. If you have the original digital file of your photo, chances are great that it will be of high quality to blow it up in a larger size. This is something you must think about when you pick a picture for your canvas art for Mom. Luckily a modern digital presents plenty of opportunities for personalized gifts for the wall!

Choosing a Detail to Focus on

If you are not a professional photo editor you will not pay much attention to what goes on in your favorite pictures. You see your Mom and daughter have an ice cream together with huge smiles and chocolate stains in their hair. Right behind your Mom stands a janitor and chats on his cellphone. This might be a cool detail for canvas art but if you think the painting will be prettier without you need to inform the photo canvas company about it. They have skilled photo editors who can create a smashing picture out of your favorite photographs.

Many times it is a particular detail about a photo that we love and remember. Ask a skilled photo editor to enhance this detail so that your photo art will become as unique as you had in mind. Sometimes you might be able to do this by yourself at home with a regular photo editing program. After all, personalized gifts are all about the details that create the uniqueness that will make your Mom think it is the best present ever.

Order the Photo Canvas

When you have decided on photo, or photos, for your personalized gifts for Mom you can send them by email to a photo on canvas provider. They will ask you to fill in the details for size and other important information for your order. If you feel a need to talk to them you can always give them a call and discuss your order over the phone. This is seldom needed, since photo on canvas services work very smoothly online. You will see a preview of the ready art on your screen so that you can determine if this is what you had in mind.

When you are ready to order your photo on canvas art online you will get the time frame for delivery which will help you plan when and how to present your gift. Consider getting a frame and to invite someone that will be able to hang it on the wall once it is presented to Mom. Make sure to wrap your gift with glossy paper and ribbons for maximum effect. You might even want to celebrate the occasion with some bubbles just like in an art show. For these kinds of personalized gifts a drum roll is always in place!