Products for potty training

If you decided to start the potty training there are many products that could help you or simply collect dust in your closet. This article goes through some of the most common potty training products and gives you an evaluation of their necessity.

Potty training product 1
Toilet insert – A toilet insert is simply a ring which makes the hole in the toilet smaller so that a small child can sit safely and comfortable. For little girls this is excellent while little boys will let you clean around the toilet for number 1 each time they use it.

Potty training product 2
Toilet seat with ladder – The toilet seat with latter works much like the toilet insert, only it comes complete with handles on the sides and a latter. The latter is also a great place for the child to place the feet to sit more comfortably and feel safe up on the toilet.

Potty training product 3
Foot stool – A foot stool is a must when you potty train. You need it to reach both toilet and sink for washing the hands.

Potty training product 4
Training diapers – the potty training diaper is a diaper which can be used as underwear, meaning the child can pull it down like underwear. This is good to use when you will be in places where and accident might be difficult to handle like in the car or even during sleep.

Potty training product 5
Pee sheets or protective sheets – Pee sheets are better to use than the training diapers when you are teaching the child to stay dry throughout the night. These sheets make sure that any mishaps won’t meet the mattress.

Potty training product 6
Potty training video – a potty training video can be helpful but it isn’t necessary for successful potty training. Just find a method that works for you and use videos for free online on Youtube when you feel the need to watch someone else struggle just like you!

Potty training product 7
Potty training literature – potty training books for kids are always good tools for talking about and explaining why we are moving from the diapers to the toilet.

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