Review of Babybjörn Active Baby Carrier

Is the Babybjörn Active baby carrier a good choice? Read this review and learn more about this world famous baby product.

It is very easy to use the Babybjörn baby carrier and anyone should be able to figure it out fast. The actual baby sling has the instructions printed on the inside so that you will never lose the instruction manual. You can adjust the baby carrier to fit your baby by following the indications for the baby’s height. The Babybjörn Active baby carrier can be used for a newborn but even if the weight is according to the instructions you might want to wait a bit longer to feel sure.
Babybjörn Active baby carrier has easy snap on hatches on each side. This means that you can slide the baby out by opening the baby sling from one side or lay the baby sleeping on a bed by opening both sides. The baby can sit towards you or watching the world. You will not be able to breast feed in the Babybjörn Active baby carrier.

Baby Safety
Babybjörn Active baby carrier has a very robust feeling and it is safe. You should always check the hatches and straps to see that all is in place but you can expect this baby sling to keep your baby safe on you even when you move fast or jerky. There are opinions regarding the impact this sort of baby wearing has on a newborn and you should definitely learn more about these aspects before you start using it.

The Babybjörn Active baby carrier has a lumbar support which is supposed to help your back handle the weight of the baby better. If you are in good shape you will most likely enjoy this baby sling but if you already before the pregnancy had a week back you might get back pains from using it too much. This is especially so if you try to do things with your hands in front of the baby carrier with the baby sitting in it. This should never be done as it can lead to problems with back and neck!

It can get sweaty with a Babybjörn Active baby carrier and it is important not to over dress the baby when you are wearing it. Bring a blanket or buy Babybjörn’s special baby carrier blanket which fits all of their baby slings. In hot weather it is hard to avoid the sweat but this doesn’t matter so much when you enjoy the experience of a great baby carrier like the Babybjörn Active baby carrier.

Wear and Tear
Babybjörn is a Swedish brand which has been around for many decades. Their products hold a very high quality and they can last for many years. If all of the hatches and the fabric are still in good shape you can go on and use the baby carrier for as long as you want. A good thing is that you can wash it in the laundry machine but be prepared for possible rust on the hatches from this. Pick a dark colored Babybjörn Active baby carrier to ensure that it looks nicer longer!

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