Review of the Britax Marathon 70 Convertible Car Seat

If you are already familiar with the Britax brand you should know that the new Britax Marathon 70 Convertible car seat has many important improvements. This means that if you were already satisfied with their previous models this Britax car seat review will not have anything negative to say about the new version so you can go ahead and get it for an even better product. If you are still interested to learn a thing or two about the new model you should read this Britax Marathon car seat review before you buy!


If you put the Britax Marathon 70 car seat in the rear-facing position it will be suitable for children between 5-40 lbs. As the name hints to the seat can support 70 lbs in the forward-facing position. The height limit is set to 49” and this is a good standard for any car seat and should cover you over well. If you thought the older Britax car seat models where a bit squishy in the leg area you will be pleasantly surprised with this one, it has additional space for legs to make it a perfect fit for far longer.

To explain this in a language that everyone can understand: you can use the Britax car seat until your child is ready for a regular booster seat without any worries!

Safety and Installation

The Britax Marathon 70 car seat is a safe choice. The child sits deep into the chair and gets protection for the head and body. The seat belts are also secure and reliable and easy to use. Since the installations and adjustments are easy to make you get a very safe chair. You won’t skip that necessary adjustment when you can easily make it. Expertmom gives thumbs up for this. In fact, the installation process is so easy that you won’t even sweat from it on a hot summer day.

Comfort and Design

This review of the Britax Marathon 70 car seat will also have to point out that this chair is comfortable both for you and your child. It fits well also in a smaller car. You don’t have to compromise on the space which is important when you need to transport several children, groceries and other things. The appreciation of the design is really up to your taste but most would say that this is a nice looking car seat that doesn’t easily look dirty or worn thanks to the colors and the fabric which handles wear and tear well.

This car seat is also easy to keep clean and you can either clean it off in the car every now and then or bring it into your house for more serious cleaning. The fabric dries fast so don’t be afraid of getting it wet! Perfect when you need a clean car seat fast.


The price of this car seat should not go beyond $250, if even that. If you go to a regular baby store you might have to pay more for the Britax Marathon 70 but smart folks get it online through Amazon. Have it delivered straight to your house to the very best price and enjoy your safe, comfortable, and good looking car seat for years to come!



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