Review of the Qwirkle Board Game

If you are looking for a board game that suits kids of different ages you should read this Qwirkle Board Game review! This board game is shaped to fit children as young as 3-4 years old and up. What is even better is that you as a parent won’t get bored by it either. It makes for a lovely play time when for different reasons you are stuck at home with kids looking for some meaningful activity.

How to Play

At first look this game look very simple, and yes, you will get through the play rounds very quickly. Basically you just need to match the shapes and colors but as you can imagine there are many different ways to do this. This is how the Qwirkle Board Game makes such a great fit for different ages and as a gift for kids it is simply outstanding. While you sit with your 6 year old trying to make out patterns diagonally, your 4 year old will be building Qwirkle Castles! You will find the rules of the possible games so simple and yet interesting enough to have you engaged as well.

A Thinking Game

This Qwirkle Board Game review must point out that this is a smart game for kids and adults. Each game becomes a challenge at the level that you choose. Therefore this is a game to recommend for smart gifts for kids. As a parent you need to stay in check and don’t let your competitive impulses take over. You will be tempted to out-think the kids but you might want to leave them some space to develop their strategic and logic thinking. It is a wonderful game for a brain work-out without being complicated. Just pure fun in a smart way!


Qwirkle is addictive! Many reviews of the Qwirkle Board Game keep on saying the same thing; Mom, Dad and kids of all ages just insists on playing it over and over. Only bring it out when you really have time to play and patience to let everyone have a go at their level!


Qwirkle has a fair price but you can get it cheaper online than in a regular toy store. Make use of specials from Amazon and get this game. It will be a great asset for your family weekends as well as a good gift idea for children. You might want to get more than one copy already now to prepare for the upcoming birthday parties where you will want a great gift for a normal price. This will definitely be appreciated by any child that receives it, regardless of age!

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