Review of Vulli Sophie the Giraffe Teether

Vulli Sophie theGiraffes Teether is a great teething tool and also very cute. Most people find giraffes sweet and appealing and this is truly one special giraffe. It is also perfectly kosher for those who need that. Before you order your Vulli Sophie for your child or as a gift you should read this review of the giraffe teether and get some more important information. Read on and learn all of the important details for Vulli Sophie the Giraffe teether tool!

What do Kids Say?

Babies and toddler love Vulli Sophie and bring her everywhere. You will find your child sleeping, eating and playing with Vulli. The designers of this teether had taken the teething toy concept further by making it a real toy. Forget about teething rings shaped like fish or animals this is something different and your child will notice. Since it is a real toy the child will naturally bring it along and that is why it becomes so useful and effective.
Parents have even reported that their children’s first word was “Sophie”, but this could be because of relieved parents repeating the name of the remedy!

How Much Chewing is OK?

Like with any teething tool you need to know that it is safe for your child. Some parents have reported that their avid gnawers managed to chip off the paint from Vulli Sophie the Giraffe and they were worried for the child’s health. Don’t worry! Vulli Sophie is colored with natural non-toxic food colors and your child can wear off the color without risks!
Just how worn your giraffe will get is hard to say in a general Vulli Sophie the Giraffe review like this. Some kids don’t gnaw and bite as much as others and for these the giraffe lived on to be part of the toy box for many years. For children that need to chew a lot you might want to get a new Vulli Sophie at some point.

Vulli Sophie the Giraffe as a Gift
Vulli Sophie is a wonderful gift for a baby shower or birthday. The child will love it as well as the parents so you just can’t go wrong with this toy. If you have completely stalled for gift ideas for a baby that is still into biting and chewing at things this is the solution. Vulli is a good idea for a baby a few months old as well as for a toddler.

Where to Get it
You can get a Vulli Sophie the Giraffe teething toy in any toy and baby store but Expertmom recommends getting it from Amazon. This will give you the best price and also easy shipping and delivery. See the link below for your Vulli Sophie and have a happy teething period!

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