Smart Gifts for Kids

With a birthday or special occasion for a gift coming up, you should consider getting a gift for the child which will be to enhance brain activity. There are plenty of toys that aren’t really meant to make the kid think for himself and these might be entertaining and great looking but if you are truly concerned about the development of the child you should invest in smart gifts for kids. They are smart both for the kid and for your future together as you will see that stimulation of thinking processes at an early age also lays the foundation for smart thinking in the future. Here are some gift ideas for kids that could make that difference!

First Thing First

Something crucial to understand about smart gifts for kids is that they often demand that you participate in the play at some level and this is a great thing to know. In fact, if you can make sure to be involved in your child’s learning at least once a day, you will form a better relationship and also see that the development and learning improves. This is simply because children love to be with parents and grownups and feel that they are important and loved. If only for this reason, it is a true investment to get a smart toy as a gift for your child. To get inspired you can read this book by Stevanne Aurbach, Smart Play Smart Toys:

Building a Future of Smarts

Building blocks are smart toys and especially when you get many different shapes and colors. Children love to build and structure games with building blocks and this is also a game where you can participate. Take your time and sit down on the floor with your kids. Start building something and let the kids take over and decide whether it will be a road to the kitchen, a tower to the ceiling or a parking lot for all of the toy cars that you have given them as gifts during the past few years! If you are anyways on the smart and engaged thinking thread, then why not get eco-friendly building blocks?! Nothing like a big wrapped and square gift for a child!

Chess is a Smart Game

Are you dreaming of seeing your kids play chess? Chess is a great game for logic and strategic thinking and even if you are not a big chess fan you can surely see how this game will aid the development of your children. Start early and put the kids in a chess course. There should be one in your city. You will soon see if they like the game and if they do they might be able to teach you some of that constructive thinking! Here is a book that teaches chess to kids in a playful way. Start reading it together and play your way to the new thinking abilities. This will be a wonderful smart gift for a child so consider getting one copy for the cousins as well.

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