Status as the Grounding Healing Starts

I think it is just right to make a little note of how we are feeling now that the grounding has begun this to compare how we will feel in a few weeks from now. We are trying to spend about 30 minutes a day on grass or regular ground. The kids only got around 10 minutes this morning and they might not get as much as we do since they go to school but perhaps we can double, triple, their dose of grounding once the weekend rolls around.

So here is current status for project’s participants:

Mom – sneezes every morning, is tired a lot (Mom thing no?) and suffers from many allergies, lower backpains

Dad – is constantly clearing his throat and is often stressed, lower back pains

6 year old – asthma and many colds, has an attach about once every 2 months more as the winter season hits

4 year old – often has a runny nose

Having done a first day of walking on grass or ground throughout the day I can’t really say I feel any difference. The only thing was that the actual grounding came with a sense of calm and freshness, but then again, so would any break with fresh air so nothing conclusive yet.

The experiment moves on…

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