The 5 Best Birthday Gifts for a 5 Year Old Boy

What’s the difference between 4 and 5? It seems as if he likes pretty much the same stuff as when he turned 4 but when time comes for birthday gifts for a 5 year old boy you want to update and renew some of his favorites. If he already got a bike you can also add to his toy rides with something that will be suitable for his age and capabilities. It is a lot of fun to celebrate the birthday of a 5 year old boy. Now you can get him toys that will enable you to sit together and play some cool quiet games…

Here are the 5 best birthday gifts for a 5 year old boy:

1. More Building Blocks!

At 4 you gave him a set of Clics and he still loves to create various things from these cool building blocks, get another set and watch him realize his imaginary projects! With Clics you can make so many things but other gift ideas for a 5 year old boy would be Lego or wooden building blocks. Boys tend to be really good at building so stimulate this healthy and time consuming game.

2. A Train Set

Another great idea for gifts for a 5 year old boy would be something to do with trains. A good advice here is to stay away from the fragile type of trains that will most likely be broken in a day or two. Let him play with a big train set made out of wood. If he can handle it you might want to get the kind that lets the train drive around the railroad.

3. Bike or Scooter

This is something that most 5 year old boys will appreciate. He can scoot around the park on a scooter with 3 wheels or learn the basics of riding a bike. Get him a helmet to go with the ride and make sure that he understands the rules for where to ride on it.

4. Camera

Yes, a 5 year old can certainly learn how to take pictures with a digital camera. Of course, you won’t get him the latest Nikon. It is better to go for a camera for kids that will introduce him to the art of photography in a safe and easy way. He will be so proud to have a camera just like you.

5. Trampoline

A trampoline is really a great gift for kids of any age group. Little babies can be bounced lightly in a big trampoline while the 5 year old will be jumping up and down, full force. If you can fit a big size trampoline into your garage you should surprise him with it on his birthday. Make sure that it has safety nets on the side and supervise the time on the trampoline since little boys can come up with some very creative ideas that might not always be in line with the safety ABC.

Happy Birthday!

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