The 5 Best Gifts for a 1 Year Old

The first birthday is coming up and you want to make it a memorable one. In truth, the most important memories you will bring from this day is the interaction you have with the 1 year old but by getting a smart gift you can bring out some extra smiles from everyone that gathers.
Few facts about the 1 years old development stage: 1 years old kids are able to Stands holding furniture, stands alone for a second or two, then collapses with a bump. They can babbles 2 or 3 words repeatedly, drops toys, and watches where they go. They cooperates with dressing, waves goodbye, understands simple commands. More information about 1 years old development stage can be found here:

Here are the 5 best gifts for a 1 year old. They are not meant for a fast thrill but rather for the development of the child. At 1 this is s must since the 1 year old constantly looks for new things to explore and preferably by walking!

1. A Learning Walker

Learning walkers are great fun and they should both offer support to the child as well as solid entertainment. Get one of the better brands to ensure that it will last longer. This is the type of toy that both parents and the child will enjoy and it is a smart choice for a gift for a 1 year old no matter if it is a girl or a boy!

2. Toys to Explore

There are great gifts for babies that let them explore the world safely and find new sounds and effects. You can get the toys that have push buttons for the child to reveal sound and shape. These toys often demand batteries so it is a must to get the quality kind not to risk hatches for batteries that are not locked properly. A toy to explore will stimulate the mind of the 1 year old and also be appreciated y other siblings and the parents.

3. A Ramp Way!

Kids love ramp ways and this is a great gift for a 1 year old that is just learning to stand and move more freely. It will keep the little explorer in one place and busy for hours. This is also a social type of toy since it lets toddlers play together without fighting about who gets the toy. Add some cool cars to the ramp way and you have a smashing present for a child that enjoy fun games and colorful toys.

4. Activity Table

For an activity for water games you can check our review of the Step2 WaterWheel table here at Expertmom but this is a toy that demands a place that can handle water. You can also focus on an activity table that will work indoors without making a mess. Get something with a lot of buttons and functions. This is a again a smart gift for a child learning to stand. He or she will be stimulated by the table to stand and practice the muscles and stamina in the body. It is a lovely present to bring to a toddler party where the little ones get to gather around this fun toy.

5. Mega Blocks

Another smart gift for a 1 year old would be a bag full of building blocks. At this age the child starts to understand the concept of big building blocks and even if they won’t be played with much right around the birthday they will become increasingly popular as the 2nd year unfolds. Make sure to get a big set so that there are plenty of colors and shapes to work with and introduce them in a fun way. You can simply sit down together and start building. This is something the 1 year old will appreciate and it is certainly a memory you will cherish for life so don’t forget the camera as this package is opened!

Watch the following video and get some more gift ideas for a 1 years old child:

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