The 5 Best Personalized Baby Gifts

For babies, you can’t really get the type of gifts that you would get for older kids. A baby is not all that interested in toys, so in reality, you are getting personalized baby gifts for the parents. This is important to keep in mind since you want the gift to please Mom and Dad. The things that Mom and Dad will care the most about are that the item you bring them can be used and that it is comfortable for the baby.

Think about this if you thought a knitted shirt would make the most wonderful personalized baby gift! Knitted shirts can be incredibly useful during cold months but only if they are made of yarn which is soft and doesn’t itch. If you can’t knit yourself, you might want to get this sort of shirt with the baby’s name on it from a store where they specialize in knitted goods.

Here are the 5 best personalized baby gifts, have a look and get some inspiration for what to get that little baby…

1. A Photo on Canvas

This is one of the most amazing personalized gifts! Let’s remember why we are looking for gifts for a baby in the first place. Right! It is for Mom and Dad. Try to get a picture of the new family member and make it into a photo on canvas. You can probably ask for this picture from Grandma or Grandpa if you want to keep it a secret. Another way to get that image to make into a piece of art is to take it when you visit the baby. Just remember to ask for permission and not to use flash on a newborn baby!

2. Clothes

Babies need a lot of clothes. Even if the baby has lots of hand-downs from the family, new baby clothes will always be welcomed baby gifts. You can get simple shirts, socks and sweaters with the baby’s name on it. Personalized gifts are not always the same as the name of the baby on an item. Think creatively and print something more personal. Why not a sweet message from Auntie Janice? It will be a really cool thing to remember and laugh at when you look at the baby pictures in the future.

3. Jewelry

If you are getting jewelry for a baby you need to think about the taste of the parents. For close family members, it can be a very honorable thing to do but if you are not all that close with the parents they might feel embarrassed if you get them something expensive. Personalized gifts for babies can certainly include a gold chain with the name. If you want to splurge on this, you can include a little diamond. This is mostly for girls but some people find that a valuable piece of jewelry is a nice gift also for a baby boy.

4. Picture Frame

If you felt that the photo on canvas as a personalized gift was too much to deal with, you might just want to go for a frame with the baby’s name on it. In this, the parents can put their own pictures as they take them. Pick something which is suitable for the gender of the baby and also with the mindset of the parents. Not everyone feels that a baby girl should have pink clothes and accessories and there are many color schemes that will suit both baby girls and boys.

5. T-shirt with Print

A t-shirt with print can also be a good idea for a baby. Get something that will fit when the weather gets warmer and use a funny picture of Mom and Dad or just one of them. You can write something sweet and silly which will have the parent smile each time baby is dressed in the shirt. This will be a humorous gift for a baby which can still be of great use.

These were 5 suggestions for personalized baby gifts and you can probably think of more now that you had a look at them. Remember that newborn babies need a lot of extras. If you are anyways coming for a visit to celebrate the new arrival you might want to add a little kit of things that will be needed during the upcoming years. Get some lanoline paste, bibs, or even a bag of diapers. These are things the parents will never ask you for but they will certainly appreciate it since they use it all the time!

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