The 6 Best Gifts for a 5 Year Old Boy

Gift lists are a lot of fun, and they can help you figure out what to get for a little boy that is just about to have his fifth birthday. This is such a fun time and there are many options for cool gifts for a 5 year old boy. You can opt for things that will have him play indoors silent and concentrated or go for things that will be better for the outdoors. Depending on your house and surroundings you might want to get him some cool ride or even a big trampoline to burn all of that extra energy off with.

Here are the 6 best gifts for a 5 year old. Check them out and get inspired!

1. Something for the mind

Try getting him some sort of board game. You can opt for Angry Birds or a classic Ludo game. He is now old enough to learn how to play with dice and how to sit still and follow a game plan. If you haven’t played board games much you should remember that it takes some time to get into it. Be prepared to break the game in the middle the first few weeks of playing till he starts to see the idea of playing from start till end!

2. A trampoline

Let him bounce! If he doesn’t have access to a yard, garage or other place for a big trampoline you can get him a smaller version. There are even small trampolines with handles where he can safely jump up and down.

3. Carpet

This is a wonderful idea if you are looking for cool gifts for a 5 year old boy! On a carpet with roads and houses he will be able to play with his cars and use his other props to build worlds and special stories. It is also a colorful addition to his room or wherever he usually plays.

4. Bike

If he doesn’t have a bike yet, this is a good time. Get him a bike with support wheels and let him start practicing in the park or behind the house. Little boys love BMX bikes but there are other brands that offer sturdy bikes to start on.

5. Bow and Arrow

This is something that he might be interested in. If you feel that a bow and arrow is too messy you can opt for some other sports related tool like a basketball set for the basement or parking lot.

6. More of the building toys

He still loves to build, and a sure thing to get is a set of the Clics. Try these out and see what amazing things that he can build with them. If he already has a set or two of Clics he can certainly get more to build more and bigger with. Other cool building toys for 5 year old boys are Lego and the wooden Kapla blocks.

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