The 7 most creative gifts for Mom

Most people enjoy a hobby and sometimes we don’t realize that we have one until someone points it out to us. Your Mom might already have a passion that she silently enjoys without much recognition. It could be art, music, exercise or web design. If you think about what your Mom does when she thinks that she can afford spending some time alone, you have found her hobby.

Help her enjoy her hobby even more by giving gifts for Mom that will stimulate her creative side. She might be very surprised that you get her something that she is supposed to use, hands-on. Here is a list with some good ideas for gifts for Mom that will have her enjoy her secret (not so secret…) passion even more!

1. Instrument

You can get her an instrument. If she is always talking about her fascination with people who play instruments she might be ready to try it herself. You don’t have to get Mom a piano or grand to let her into the art of playing this instrument. Get an electrical version with drum machine and chords to make the play more fun. It will be great for Mom and also for you, once she gets the hang of it!

2. Easel and Canvas

If she sits by the kitchen table, night after night, with her pens and papers it could be time to get her some professional equipment. She doesn’t have to be the next Picasso to deserve some real tools for her art. Get her a complete set with easel and everything else she will need to build up a mini studio to paint and explore her hidden talents in.

3. Lap Top for Graphic Design

Moms that are into graphic design know the value of a Mac lap top. You can just ask her what computer she would like to work on if she could afford to exchange the old PC for something new. For various reasons she continues on the old computer, it works fine and she is not really making money on her designs. Make her crazily happy with a Mac lap top for graphic design!

4. Karaoke Machine

Let’s get back to the music for a while. She sings in the shower and everywhere else and you know that she loves it. Karaoke is such a fun way to enjoy singing and it makes it feel professional. In her own house she can feel free to sing as a star and sing any song that she’d like. Get her a Karaoke machine and schedule the first concert for the holidays!

5. Sewing Machine

Another creative hobby to keep in mind when you are looking for great gifts for Mom is sewing. Many women love sewing and anyone can learn more by taking a course or even following patterns from magazines. Get her a new sewing machine and perhaps a cool piece of fabric to start with. She will find it incredibly exciting to get to start for real with her lifelong dream of making her own designer clothes for you and the grandchildren.

6. Pottery Wheel

Do you remember Demi Moore in Ghost? If your Mom enjoys working with clay a pottery wheel might be one of her biggest dreams. Get her a really good one that will let her take this craft to new levels. Ask her to make you a mug or pot for the flowers. She will feel better about indulging herself by the pottery wheel if she knows you are out of kitchen wear!

7. Jewelry Making

It isn’t all that hard to make your own jewelry but it takes the eye of the artist to see what will look good. Get her a jewelry maker set and some really special pearls to go with. You can search for Swarovski pearls on Amazon and see some really unique crystals that she can create earrings, bracelets and necklaces from. This hobby works well by the kitchen table so she doesn’t have to make a special room for it in her house.