The Best Gifts for 14 Year Old Boys

Looking for gifts for young adults isn’t really all that difficult. In most cases you will find that the best gifts for 14 year old boys are things that you would like as well. At this age the child is no longer too young for gadgets that must be handles with care and he can also enjoy mature things like going on a cool adventure. To find the very best presents for a boy that is turning 14 it is always smart to discuss it with him but once you are ready to buy the item that he would like, it makes sense to get it online. Remember that electronic gadgets and sports apparel can get quite pricey. You are better off getting this online where you can easily compare prices before you buy.

Before you decide what to get him…

If you have a list with possible gifts you need to consider what will last the longest. Just like you didn’t buy him certain things at 4 because you knew they would break within the hour, you shouldn’t make the same mistake at 14. A feature of the best gifts for 14 year old boys is that they are of good quality. It makes sense to save up a bit longer to get him that video game or phone that he so wants. Next time he brings his friends over you can give them a snack and sit down to hear their thoughts on gadgets and stuff. You will be amazed to discover the sort of tips for gifts that you can get from such a conversation. If there is no time for friendly chats with snacks and ice cream you can simply call his best friend and get the top list of the most wanted items right now.

Here are some useful ideas for things that you can give a 14 year old boy. You will most likely recognize some of them from his conversations with you and with friends. Have a look and get ready to surprise the boy like never before!

A New Phone

Samsung has rapidly taken a leading position as a Smartphone producer. He is most likely talking about the latest edition and that will cost you a nice amount of money. The good thing is that previous versions of Samsung Galaxy are very good and they come to reasonable prices. Just check with him what versions of the phone that he would be interested in before you buy.


Take the boy on a shorter trip to some interesting destination. Fly, stay at a fancy hotel and go shopping in a cool are. There are many cool cities to choose from and places like New York, Los Angeles, Seattle and Miami has plenty of activities and events that will suit his age and personality. Most of all it will be a special trip to remember forever.

Nintendo Wii

This is a game console that is suitable for many different ages and you can rest assure that you will get into the games yourself when you can stand in front of the screen and use your body to win different sports and challenges. This is the sort of gift that will let you play together, parents, friends and kids.

Nintendo 3Ds

This is a different type of gaming console that he can bring along in his pocket or in his bag. It is a sweet little thing that he will most likely be very interested in. If he doesn’t have one already this is a lovely gift for a 14 year old boy.

Digital Camera

There are many cool digital cameras and at this age he might be interested in such a gift. Send him off on the class trip with a new camera or bring it on your own outing!

A Watch

A watch can also be a great idea. If he is into sports you might want to get something that he can use for his training. Check out cool watches for sport purposes or models that are fancy if this is what he is looking for.

These were just some ideas for what to get him. Hopefully this list with some of the best gifts for 14 year old boys gave you some useful ideas. Good luck on finding the best gift to the best price!

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