The Best Toys for 3-6 Year Olds

What toy should you get to make young kids sit still and let you focus on the computer, laundry, telephone or whatever you must tend to? Did you think that the best toys for 3-6 year old kids are games for the TV or movies? While these might be effective in getting you the quiet time that you need they are not a long term solution. Most kids get bored with a movie after having seen it a few times.

If you get better toys for your kids they will stay occupied for longer and also get stimulated to learn and grow. If you can’t let your kids out to play freely, it is a good idea to invest in some smart toys for indoor play. Here are some of the best ideas for toys for 3-6 year old kids that will keep the busy and happy:

The best Toy ever, Clics!

You might have heard of the building toy called Clics. The original Clics are made in Belgium and they can be built in the most amazing ways. Children love Clics and they can sit for hours creating houses, cars, and anything you can think of. Just make sure to get a big bucket of Clics so that there will be enough pieces for the various creations that your young friends want to go for. You can read a Clics review here at Expertmom and also see a video of what they look like.

Building is Fun

Any form of building blocks work well for younger children and if you combine them with train sets and other toys that can be expanded they will be played with for hours! The most important thing to think about when you are getting different types of building toys for kids ages 3-6 is that they should be of a high quality. Poor quality building toys go to the trash quickly and are not fun to build with.


Another great idea for toys for children ages 3-6 is different types of craft projects. You can be smart and go to a thrift store and get cheap wooden items. It is easy to find wooden key rings and little note holders shaped as plants. Give your kids these with some ink pens and let them paint away. This is an easy crafts project that stimulates their minds and creativity. You can also get more advanced stuff depending on how much they know about creating things from paper, glue and stickers.

Once you get into cool toys for children ages 3-6 you will not have to turn on the TV or computer at all. Kids thrive when they get to use their creativity and imagination to play and develop!

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