The First Big One in the Toilet, and I Missed it!

Read Debbie’s story of her son’s first nr 2 on the toilet and get… inspired!

Big Ones!
Daniel had shown signs for toilet training for many months when I decided to take the plunge. His older brother was still fussy with moving from potty to toilet so I thought that I should let Daniel move straight for the toilet. I was planning to get a ladder with a seat for the toilet when he decided for himself to do nr 2 in the potty. It was all very exciting and I realized that we might be saying goodbye to diapers very soon.

As the big ones were getting there the small ones where getting, well what should I say, all over! I felt at loss after two weeks of wee wee all over our house. When the brothers started making a game of intentional urinating on our beds I became quite mad and threated to put them both in diapers again. Another game was to stand in front of a mirror and watch the liquid come out on whatever was below, mind my new slacks!

I composed myself as some of the nr 1 got into the right holes and started to the pep talks for the toilet. We sat a bit but there was nothing going on at that point so I didn’t get to see the diamonds go into the right place. I was certain that my youngest boy would very soon be moving straight to the toilet and just skip the potty. That would be wonderful potty training straight from the book I never had!

It did happen but not with me, in day care! As I came to pick Danny up from his caretaker she smiled and informed me of the advance. I made sure to reward him with an ice lolly and we were very excited but deep inside I couldn’t help but feel that I wanted to share that magical moment. Did I lose it? My mind? Probably, the fumes all around me indicate that soon I will get to witness the second go at the toilet.

Now I only wish that Daniel’s older brother will follow suite and move from the potty to the toilet. It really isn’t such a big deal. We all do it!

Greetings from Debbie Stuart mother of 3, Hamburg, Germany

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