The Gift that 4 Year Olds are dreaming about…

If you could just name one thing that a little boy turning 4 would wish for, what would it be? Turning to my son that is soon to be 4 I ask him “If you could pick anything out of a giant toy store, what you would take?” He looks at me with a smile and holds up a red stapler and says ‘I would take this!” OK, back to square 1, I am obviously not going to buy him another red stapler and frankly I am not sure why he is fiddling with one to begin with.

But I fret not, for I do know quite well what a little boy about to be 4 would like for a gift, oh yes I know only too well…

Something Big!

When it is big it is always a good thing, right? Gifts for 4 year old boys that are at least as big as the boy himself will always create a lot of excitement. It doesn’t matter if the item is wrapped. A new bike is big and a very good gift for a 4 year old. If he already has a bike something else with wheels will certainly do. It can also be something to climb on, if there is room for it. That will be big and awesome!

Something loud!

Yes, little boys love loud things. Long after the dancing dog from the 3 year old birthday was torn in pieces the battery part is still singing the annoying tune. Police cars, airplanes, another dancing dog, these are marvelous gifts for 4 year old boys. If you are not the parent, make sure that this will also be approved by Mom and Dad…

Something interesting

Getting back to that red stapler… it is an interesting item for a 4 year old since it lets him create and feel like a grown up. By getting him something that he can work and create with he will have a lot of stuff to do after playschool. This is also the kind of gift that will make him play without asking for attention all the time. A good example of something interesting would be a set of play dough or something similar where the creativity can live and thrive. Paint usually needs supervision but this is also fun as gift for a 4 year old boy that likes to work with his hands.

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