Tips for a Busy Mom

Are you a busy Mom? Most Moms are and you know that without some proper planning of your days things just won’t get any less busy. Being a Mom can be so rewarding but a busy Mom must be careful to guard her time and privacy to remain a happy Mother. When you feel overwhelmed by your work load it is time to do some proper structuring and go through the main points of your day and week. Here are some good tips for the busy Mom. Read them and see what you can do to make a change for the better…


Dinner usually falls on the Mother and sometimes this can be arranged differently by having someone else in the household take over the task. Even younger children can be part of a schedule for dinner time. Learn to delegate tasks! A child can clear and set the table or prepare the salad. If you have a partner you might want to leave dinner time to him a few times a week. If you have no choice but to handle it yourself it is wise to plan the cooking so that you always have some easy things ready to pop into the microwave. You can also schedule a few take outs a month and for those days when dinner is too crazy to even look at!


You know that you didn’t put those socks under the couch in the living room and while your joke of hanging bras on the computer screens didn’t make the coin drop there are things that you can do to improve the situation. Again, a schedule is a wonderful way to make other family members participate. Delegate the different tasks that usually fall on your shoulders and make sure to hand out rewards for the job. You can also plan to clean with kids together. When children are younger this will demand some extra patience but stick to the plan. As they grow up it will only feel natural to them to clean up with regular intervals.

Having a Life!

OK, you are a busy Mom but what about a life? What about you? It is all too common for Mothers to forget that they are people with needs. You take care of the kids, the house and everything else and when time comes for bed you are too tired to take care of yourself. For this reason you must realize that Mom time should also be part of the schedule. Use this time for something that you love to do, no cleaning, and no cooking!

By remembering that you are a person you will stay one, even when the kids, house and your partner are driving you up the walls. You will be able to handle all of the challenges calmly and in a sane fashion when you feel that there is something else to life than the never ending cycle of musts!

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