Tips for a New Mom

It can be a daunting experience to be a new Mom, to say the least! Your whole life changed the moment that amazing gem emerged from you and it will never return to what it was. Don’t even think about trying to model a life according to that which was before. A new Mom must look forward and create a life where she is still in tune with herself while tending to her new tasks. Here are some tips for a new Mom looking to cope with the new overwhelming situation.

Reading Mom Books

This might seem a bit weird given that you are reading this on a Mom site and all but if you can avoid them do! The Mom books are lovely but a new Mom can get confused and even sad from this type of literature. If you read too much of the instruction manuals for new Moms you can easily start to feel that you have no idea of what you are doing and that you are the worst Mother in the world! Relax, the fact that you want to read and learn shows that you are a great, caring Mother.

Leave the Mom books for now and get an inspiring novel instead. You can read this while you breastfeed or burp the baby. It will take your mind off the Mothering and your worries and remind you of the world that you still belong to.

Looking at your Friends

Your best friend has 2 kids and she seems to be coping so well. You wonder if you will ever be able to handle everything as smooth as her. The first thing to do is to stop looking at your friends. They are not the mothers of your child or the women in your house! If you get some advice here and there from good friends that is one thing but don’t try to copy their life styles. After all, you have no idea what sort of issues they are really coping with so why bother thinking about how life would be if you could be like them? Be you and be happy with your own blessings as a new Mom.

The Park!

While it is important to stay away from jealous thoughts of Moms that seem to cope so much better than you, it makes sense to get some advice from them. Go to the park! As soon as your baby can come with you in a pram, stroller or baby carrier you can meet the crowd of the park and get advice. You can easily strike up a conversation with other Mothers in the park and you will be amazed to see how they deal with the same issues that you are thinking about. The park is a place for inspiration and great advice so go there!

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