Toddler Activities – Drawing

Toddlers love to paint and draw but you might have experienced what can happen with a toddler that loves to experience with places to paint. White walls with toddler art can be interesting but you will most likely want to keep those walls the original color. Here is a great idea for how to draw with toddlers and kids without worrying too much about mess ups with the colors.

Go to the park!
Make a special bag with water colors, crayons, papers, brushes and ink pens that is specifically for the park. Each time you go to the park you bring it and let your toddler paint and enjoy the colors without any restrictions. You might want to think about not dressing the toddler in sensitive and lightly colored clothes but this is something you probably think about each time you go to play outside.

You can also bring glue and let the toddler play around with pieces of paper just as he likes. You can introduce other interesting things to glue to the paintings like dry leaves and other things that fall to the ground from bushes and trees.

Street Chalk
In the bag with the colors and papers you should also put some chalks. Chalks can be used for drawing on the sidewalk or in the park if it has concrete floors. This is a great way to make big drawings and you can be sure that the next rain will wipe away the paintings so there is no reason to feel that this should somehow ruin the park. Invite other kids to draw with you and you’ll make the day of the other moms!

Finger paint in the park
Finger paint can be really messy and this toddler activity is ideal for the park. Just try to finger paint in the park during really warm summer days as your toddler might get wet and if it is cold this is not a good combination.

Enjoy drawing with your toddler in the park!

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