Traveling with Kids to Stockholm – Where to Stay

A trip to Stockholm with kids can be a challenge and you will have to know where to go for suitable entertainment. It is true that the Swedish speak English and you can get around easily but for your kids the experience will be different. By making sure to know where to stay in Stockholm with kids you can plan a trip which will be fun and interesting also for the small ones. Here is what you should consider before you book plane tickets and hotel room.

Will you drive in Stockholm?
If you rent a car as you get to Sweden you can choose to stay in a hotel closer to the airport. There are a few choices for hotels around Stockholm that are conveniently close to the airports. The big airport, Arlanda, is a 30-40 minute drive from the center city and many choose to go with a cheaper hotel in this area rather than one located centrally. If you have a car and plan to see the amazing nature around the city if will be a good idea for you and your kids to stay closer to the airport.

Getting to the Central Attractions for Kids
A visit to Stockholm with kids calls for the Skansen Museum and Junibacken. You are most likely familiar with characters like Pippi Longstocking and in Stockholm you will find a place with her and all of the other unique personalities that the author Astrid Lindgren invented. At Junibacken, kids get to touch and feel the environments described in the books and films and there is also material for English speakers so this is a good choice when you travel to Stockholm with kids.
On a sunny day you should take the kids to the museum called Skansen which is located a walking distance from Junibacken. Here they can eat candy, see ancient houses, ride on merry-go-rounds and more. This is a treat for kids as well as grownups.

For central attractions in Stockholm like Skansen and Junibacken it is wise to stay in a hotel in the city. There are some excellent choices located within walking distance from these museums and if you book in advance you can get sizable discounts. Staying with kids in Stockholm can be made easy when you don’t have to bother with a car and look for parking everywhere. Use a cab when you need it and spend the rest of the time strolling from cool shops to interesting museums.
Stockholm is a great place for walks so Expertmom advice you to stay in a central hotel with the kids unless you know that you need to drive outside of the city to visit family or other errands.

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