Treating Pin Worms Naturally

Pin worms happen all over the world and while they are not a pleasant experience they are not dangerous and you can get rid of them of you learn how to. Since pin worms spread fast and easy you need to treat all of your kids to get the situation under control. Remember that symptoms of pin worms can be different in different kids. Some kids will not scratch their bottoms much but suffer by bed wetting and loss of appetite.

You can treat pin worms naturally but do consider the advantages to medication. You should think about the fact that the pin worms are not a natural condition and if you let them stay in your child’s system by unsuccessful natural treatment it is not responsible. When you can’t treat the pin worms naturally you should rather use the unnatural method of medicine to get your child back to normal again.

The pin worms might not be dangerous but they do disturb your child in different ways so you will have to treat them!
Here are some natural methods for treating pin worms (print this list and give it to your daycare provider to pass on to other parents for maximum effect!):

1. Crush one clove of garlic and mix with one spoon of honey. Give your child this in the evening and morning.
2. Shred one carrot and squeeze the juice. Mix it with a spoon of honey and feed it to your child.
3. Give your child lots of veggies to eat for more stools to get rid of the pin worms.
4. Clean your child’s bottoms regularly with soap and water and make sure to change underwear every day.
5. Cut your child’s nails short and keep alcoholic gel around your house for cleaning of hands when soap and water isn’t an option.
6. Always clean the child’s hands before eating.
7. Keep your house clean and sunny if possible. The eggs of the pin worms can survive for weeks so you need to get them out of sheets and clothes.
8. Keep your own hands clean and if you don’t like to keep your nails short then use a nail brush to wash them well with soap.
9. Use gloves when you change diapers and clean out the toilets.
10. Clean toilets and bathrooms well several times a week

Seems like a lot of work? You’ll get used to it and if you keep a high level of hygiene at all times you will see many benefits from it and the pin worms will not like it much around your family!

Good riddance of your pin worms!

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