Want to be a Money Saving Mom? Cut the Sugar!

Who doesn’t want to be a money saving Mom? If there is anything left over for savings when the month comes to an end it is a wonder to many excellent Moms and frankly it doesn’t seem all that easy to find any corners to cut. Well, Expertmom has a good and unique advice for you on how to become a money saving Mom by cutting the sugar. Does it sound crazy? It isn’t and you will soon see why…

Sugar leads to more Sugar

Sugar is something that has been called a drug by many. While we might limit the amount of candy we give to our kids we are not always as good at reducing the overall sugar intakes. Unfortunately there is plenty of sugar in many regular products like baby biscuits, juice and things that we have become accustomed to keeping in our house. Sugar is indeed a drug because once you start eating it your body will ask for more to be able to handle the high intake of sugar. This means that when you buy a lot of products with sugar you are making your household dependent on the white drug and therefore you will automatically search it out when you go to get your groceries.

Give me sugar Mom! It is on sale!

Sugar Inventory

Ok, so far you can probably agree. The sugar is not something you want to be too friendly with but what is the situation in your house? Take a look in your cabinets and examine those products. If you realize that you’ve got a lot of sugary snacks and foods at home you have a great chance of being a money saving Mom by reducing this stock. Learn which biscuits and other snacks with sugar that you have become accustomed to buying.

Cutting the Sugar to save Money

The next step is to get serious about cancelling the sweet stuff. You will most likely need some help from a partner or friend. You see, the supermarket knows that we are addicted to sugar. That is why all of the products high on sugar come for low prices with regular interval. You get cheap biscuits this week because they know you will be back for more to the regular price next week!

To get out of this addiction and save money on your groceries you must resist the urge of getting that 20 cent package of waffles. It is not worth it! Get more fruit and vegetables instead. Your kids will be high on the sugar for another few days and get angry about the lack of the regular drugs but as soon as they see that they won’t get the stuff that they are used to they will turn to the fruits and vegetables.

Your Food Bill will shrink!

If you are serious about this strategy you should be able to see a change in your food bill within 2-4 weeks. Keep an eye on the amounts and marvel at the savings you can make by simply cutting out the junk! The idea that a healthy life style is an expensive one is a myth. You can save money by refusing being an addict to sugar.

If you find it too hard to drop all sugar and candy at once you can set a limit and decide that one package of ice cream a week is allowed. It is not only your wallet that will enjoy this change, your health will also take a turn for the better and your kids will thank you for the rest of their lives for teaching them how to live without the junk. It means savings on your food bill and also health bill. No need for the dentist when your kids are not eating sugary snacks every day!

Consider this and give it a try, it is worth it for so many reasons!

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