What Instrument can I get as a Gift for a 4 Year Old?

At 4, not many kids are truly ready for an instrument but you can still consider getting an instrument as a gift for a child of this age. It doesn’t make much sense to get sensitive instruments like a violin as the child will most likely just poke fun with it but a xylophone or a drum could be a great gift idea for a kid.

Teaching Young Children to Play Instruments

If you don’t know how to play an instrument you might not be ready to start driving your 4 year old to classes in an instrument. Even so, it doesn’t hurt to introduce the instrument before the child actually begins formal learning. Get an electrical piano or a real one if you can afford it and there is space for it in your house. This is not only a lovely gift for a 4 year old; it is a gift to the entire household! It is never too late to start playing the piano and you can have a teacher come to your house to teach you the basics.


You don’t have to get a complete drum set as a gift for a child. It is enough with one drum that makes a cool sound. This is especially a good gift idea for a child that finds his way to the pots in the kitchen regularly to hammer at them. The only thing here that you need to consider is the noise! Too much noise from a gift to a child can create a smaller crisis in a home. To get around this issue you can get a softer drum from animal skin that makes a noise which is easier on the ear. You can also limit the access and make the drum a toy that comes out when you decide to. It can even be a sort of reward for good behavior.

The Xylophone

Another cool gift for a 4 year old child is a xylophone but this is also a bit noisy. Follow the advice for the drums and make sure to get a real xylophone. The toy xylophones are only plastic and metal that will soon head for the dumpster. With a real xylophone, you can sit down with your child and study the notes together. It will be a bonding and fun experience.

Before you get a xylophone you should watch the video clip below to determine if this is the type of noise you think you can handle for 10 minutes every now and then. If not, just get the child a play guitar with rubber strings!

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