What Toys does a 4 Year Old like?

Are you trying to figure out what toys a 4 year old like because you need a gift for a grandchild or child of a friend? It might actually be your kid and you just want to look into new ideas for what toys to give to a 4 year old. The smartest gifts for 4 year olds are the things that will last longer than a few days or even a month or two. The thing with 4 year old boys is that they can turn anything into a toy and you need to get the mindset of the little gentleman you are trying to please.

Some safe Cards

You can’t go wrong with toys that are meant to ride on somehow. Little boys love things that move and make sound and if they look real that is even better. If you have been to the park with the little man lately you know that he can turn a regular slide into a real fire engine. Why not get him a pedal toy that is shaped just like a fire engine? He will never want to leave the park with this ride!

Boys love to build

Another safe choice of toy for a 4 year old is a set of building blocks. There are so many awesome versions of building blocks and you can find huge sets with hundreds of pieces to turn into the most amazing structures. This is a healthy choice for a child and something that will last many years while it can be shared with friends and siblings to join into the fun. You can read a review of Clics here on Expertmom or go for something more classic. The idea is to get the type of blocks that will challenge and stimulate his mind and creative abilities.


Kids love puzzles and if you want to give them a unique experience you can get a magnetic puzzle. Some magnetic puzzles will fit on the fridge while others have a structure which is better built with on a table or on the floor. Find a puzzle that will excite the 4 year old by a really cool picture!

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