When to Move From Potty to Toilet

When you should move from potty to toilet depends a lot on your child and how you potty train. Many believe that it is not necessary to use a potty at all. Today there are excellent solutions for potty chairs that fit the toilet seat. You can get potty inserts or even a latter with handles for maximum comfort. If you already started with a potty and feel that it is time to move up to the toilet there are a few things to keep in mind.

Is your Child Ready?
Many children feel a bit scared by the toilet for many reasons. They fear the height as well as the possibility to fall in. Using a potty is not the same as parting with the big ones into the toilet so it is smart to show your child that this is where you put the number 2 when you clean out the potty. If you see that your child panics on the toilet you need to move a step back and take it easy. There is really no point in pushing for it as it can create a trauma and only delay the move from potty to toilet.

Sitting Comfortably
Try to sit your child on the toilet just for the sake of sitting. Read a book while just sitting there and show your child that this can be a comfortable place to sit. Try to do this daily and sooner or later your child will get the hang of it and feel more comfortable about moving from the potty to the toilet.

Show how it is done
You should make it clear to your child that you also use the toilet like everyone else in your family and circle of friends. Let your friends older kids demonstrate how they sit on the toilet and talk about how you and everyone else sit on the toilet for number 1 and 2. This will also help in mentally preparing your child for moving from potty to toilet.

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