When to potty train

Every child develops in his own pace and it is important to understand that there is not one age for potty training that applies to all babies. There are energetic parents who never use diapers and simply potty train from day one and then there are those who find it easy to take the step from the comfort of the diaper. In all honesty, diapers might be more about making it easy for the parent than for the baby.

When the child starts expressing what he is doing in the diaper it is definitely time to potty train. By talking about these sensations when they happen you also prepare the child to potty train. Some parents use these moments to sit the baby on a potty or on the toilet to forma mental connection.

Some babies express early on that they want to stop doing in a diaper and start potty training. This is something that the parent must be willing to work with. Even if it is winter and cold you should go along with the baby’s wish to get out of the diapers. Keep the house warm and be prepared to clean up the mess.

The bottom line is that you should potty train the child when he or she is ready and not when the expert books tells you to do it. Every Mom knows her child the best and your situation is unique for you. Whenever you decide to start the potty training remember to stay relaxed. Don’t force the issue.

Potty training is supposed to be a relief and fun both for Mom and baby. If you need to take a step back and start the potty training again at a later point that is OK. Just listen carefully to your child and go with your Mommy senses and all should just be well.

Don’t worry, your child won’t be in diapers forever!

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